Muldoon's Picnic at Irish Arts Center

This fall, we are pleased to be supporting Muldoon's Picnic: three evenings of music and literature curated by Pulitzer Prize-winning poet and songwriter Paul Muldoon at Irish Arts Center.

With a name that harkens back to a New York vaudeville act and an Irish-American knockabout farce from the late 1800s, this moveable feast of an event combines music, prose and poetry, high commentary, and low comedy with a lineup of world-class guests and house band Rogue Oliphant.

IAC has hosted this rollicking variety show since 2014, and this fall's events will take place in its state-of-the-art new space in New York City's Hell's Kitchen.

Jhumpa Lahiri at Muldoon's Picnic in February 2022.

Join Irish Arts Center on three nights this fall:

September 12's event will feature Ishion Hutchinson, Hilma Wolitzer, Meg Wolitzer, and Ariel Zevon.

October 10 will see performances by Jonathan Safran Foer, Gabriel Kahane, and Ange Mlinko.

And November 14 brings together James Maddock, Manchán Magan, and Dora Malech.

All three evenings will also feature performances by Rogue Oliphant, Paul Muldoon's spoken-word rock band.

We hope our NYC friends will enjoy these special events.