Dance Of Powerbook And Printer

By Peter Halstead

Tap and preen your sprockets, twins,
Save us from our human sins,

Beat the desk with AC volts
Compensating for our faults,

Throb around the office cage
In your artificial rage,

Heating up your outs and ins
With those wildly spinning pins,

Jerking left and shunting right
In the cubicles of night,

Shaking hands and rock and rolling—
Computerland is just like bowling—

Making plans with inks and toners
Which I know exclude their donors,

Tapping, whirring, singing songs,
Sacrificing for our wrongs—

Until I throw, to save us all,
The light switch on the nearby wall.

Rue de Varenne
July 3rd, 1999, 8:44 PM