Fibroz! is, my screens insist,
A sensible computer twist,
Sprung from trying to translate
A program to another state,
Along with gsukal and dkxbup,
With which its circuitry comes up
As an inarticulate ablution
When tired of its own locution,
Like wO, Ok, 19e,
+ Sig2, Gow9, A1c:
Sayings that I’ve come to fear
As being extragalactically clear
(Hyperterritorial activity
Is starting to catch up with me,
Linking me with UFOs'
Digitally challenged prose).
0FP -43
P//1 n&T?
You see! I talk like them,
With hug LT and X+m!
So let me explicate SbuT199
As: "the transformation's going fine,"
To you on earth my final cry:
m&H, v8+y—
All is well within your cosmos;
Peace to man, and to you: Fibroz!