How To Use The Elevator

By Peter Halstead

Resist all urges to just get in.
This will cause severe malfunction
Of the neatly balanced system,
Exposing to a careless whim

Every rope therein contained
Contravening what is gained
By the blessings of ascension
So close to being won.

Remain inoffensively at ease
Until the automatic noises cease.
Additionally, withstand the need
In any way to intercede

With precipitous, uncalled-for
Acts inside the door,
Lest the gracefully advancing cage
Inadvertently disengage,

Pausing blindly in the well
From where it quickly may rappel
Or change in other ways the status
Of its shaking apparatus,

Or in certain states engage
In mechanical rampage,
Leading to a sad farewell
For the erring mademoiselle

Who, had she heeded this before
Dismissing it as metaphor,
Might even now be intersecting
With the floor she was expecting.