After Catullus

Now that warmer days fling back
The arid fury of the winter night,
And spring the amber breeze makes quiet,
Let us melt away from childhood fields—
Though abundant, sweltering—
And make for Asia’s distant riot.
Now the anxious mind to travel yields,
And our ancient arms are strong.
So to friends a long farewell
Who leave together for a distant site:
Different roads different men foretell.

A         Iam ver egelidos refert tepores,
            Now that warmth brings back aridity
B         Iam caeli furor aequinoctialis
            Now the fury of sky’s equal night
B         Iucundis Zephyri silescit aureis.
            The fecund amber breeze makes quiet
C         Linquantur Phrygii, Catulle, campi
            Let us melt away from childhood fields
D         Nicaeaeque ager uber aestuosae:
            and their sweltering abundant farms

A         Ad claras Asiae volemus urbes.
            To the gleaming distant city.
C         Iam mens praetrepidans avet vagari,
            The impatient mind craves travel now
E         Iam laeti studio pedes vigescunt.
            And our feet are strong.
B         O dulces comitum valete coetus,
            O sweet friends a long farewell
B         longe quos simul a domo profectos
            who together leave for distant home
E         diversae varie viae reportant.
            different roads double back their separate ways
            different roads to different ways belong.