Stain in Creases

By Kimberly Reyes

"The whole answer is there on the canvas."
—Edward Hopper

In solitude
A walk

Through the
Gallery, a history

Walker and Weems see
Too much

Interned wings,
Loud, counter migration

To which I then need,
Prefer, the art of echo

That may be realism (?)
A cozy invisibility —

                Picture me bussing
                In “Chop Suey”

                Would I have been
                In the kitchen, at Phillies?

                In the pantry storing
                Watching, growing

                The darker brother
                I, too, am America

                Ars Americana
                An etching of desolation 

                I can never put into
                A proper word

                And I don’t know
                But need to think how

                He’d see straight through
                Me, if we ever didn’t meet


Directed by Matthew Thompson.

First published in Poetry Ireland Review 133. Reproduced with permission of the poet.