When all this is over

By Siobhán Campbell

When all this is over

I plan to go north
By unapproved roads
Where sniper signs rust on the trees.

I will cross the border
Over and back
Several times to see how it feels.

I will dance the pig’s dyke
And taste mountain mayflower
On the breeze.

Near under-fished lakes
I will hear a blood-pause
In the reach of the night

When every word used for batter
And crisis will cruise with the ease
Of what runs right through us,

When the shift and fill
Of my own dear cells
Is all they will tell as they breathe.

And out through the lanes,
I will lie in my form
In overgrown fields

Not a chopper in sight.
And they say it is safe
And the weather agrees.


Directed by Matthew Thompson.

"When all this is over," Siobhan Campbell, Cross-Talk (Seren), 2009.