Writing Audio Description at the Ulster Museum

By Bebe Ashley

I want to talk you through the time and space of early California.
The brush strokes are confident in the white span of sea foam.
The colours are cold and I am sure the sea wall is seeping.

I am happy in the landscapes I’ve never seen in person.
It does not matter that this is a windowless room,
Venice Beach is well-lit and I wouldn’t want to change my view.

The pigment of the watercolour is easily saturated in the paper.
I am trying to list the most important blues when
I am distracted by something new: a close, but different blue.

Audio description of film

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Directed by Matthew Thompson.

Reproduced with permission of Bebe Ashley. A previous version of this poem has been published in Prototype's Intertitles: an anthology at the intersection of writing and visual art and UCD Press's Hold Open the Door.