Yaddyra Peralta

Yaddyra Peralta was born in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Soon after immigrating with her family to Miami, Florida, at the age of six, she was introduced to haiku writing by her Spanish teacher. After spending her young adulthood in New York City, she returned to South Florida to earn her MFA in poetry at Florida International University.

Since then, Peralta’s essays and poems have been anthologized in Eight Miami Poets (Jai Alai Books, 2015), The Breakbeat Poets, Vol. 4: LatiNext (Haymarket Books, 2020), and Home in Florida: Latinx Writers and the Literature of Uprootedness (University Press of Florida, 2021). Her work has also appeared in BOMB, The Florida Review, Ploughshares, Sink Review, South Florida Poetry Journal, SWWIM, Miami Rail, and The Miami Herald. In 2023, she received the Marjory Stoneman Douglas Poetry Award from O, Miami and the Biscayne Nature Center.

Peralta has taught writing at Miami Dade College and Broward College, to incarcerated women at Homestead Correctional Institute (Exchange for Change), and to third- and fourth-graders for O, Miami’s Sunroom educational program. She is currently the Director of People Development at Mango Publishing and lives in Miami, Florida.


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