By Jean Valentine
Read by Leslie Sainz

It’s dark in here,
your halo looks flat as a plate.
Maybe we’re still there. Was that lightning?

You look like a cat when you sleep.
I’m not sleeping. You reading?

I’m looking for this poem,

about a cat—wait a minute—
Go on.
You can read to me all you want.

That time it was lightning.
Is it you? Rolling the green grass back?
I love it when you smile like that.

Is this the white dawn, Angel, in the book?
It’s dawn. Look.

Where are they bringing that rock back?

Where are you going?


Part of the Read By Miami poem film series, produced with O, Miami.

Directed by Eric Felipe-Barkin.

“Archangel” from Door in the Mountain: New and Collected Poems, 1965-2003 © 2004 by Jean Valentine. Published by Wesleyan University Press. Used by permission.