Arrancaba las flores y se las comía / Tearing Out and Eating Flowers

By Legna Rodríguez Iglesias

One who flowers chews
and flowers swallows
and hence flowers eats
of various kinds and
at all hours
is not thinking
of being closer
to nature
one is thinking instead
of the emptiness inside
one who thinks of the emptiness
does not do it thinking
one does it unwillingly.


El que flores mastica
y flores traga
y por tanto flores come
de varios tipos
y a todas horas
no lo hace pensando
en estar más cerca
de la naturaleza
lo hace pensando
en el vacío interior
el que piensa en el vacío
no lo hace pensando
lo hace sin querer.


Part of the Read By Miami poem film series, produced with O, Miami.

Directed by Eric Felipe-Barkin.

Reproduced with permission of the poet. Previously published in Spinning Mill (Cardboard House Press, 2019).