It Would Sound Like a Dream

By Camille Rankine

The city tells me         I’m alive so I’m alive
         I press my lips against its walls         bless me I’m drunk
on all its promises         & everything         I’ve wanted         the city opens up
         its fist & lets me see         the view is all American
fig. 1: what can I have         fig. 2: what will it cost me
         I’m filthy with desire         says the city I’m unfit & rich
with liberty         I tug my tether         the skyline gleams
         the windows glow their little mysteries         & a mirage
I fumble toward         I breathe it in
         my feet stick to the street         what if I might float
from the rooftops         in the city’s arms         & all these eyes on me
         don’t be sorry         whatever I may be today I’ll be
alive         & nothing hurts         the city holds me


Directed by Matthew Thompson.

“It Would Sound Like a Dream” by Camille Rankine. First published in 92Y's #wordswelivein. Reproduced with permission of the author.