By Nithy Kasa


Bell tower’s neck long
like the obelisks — proof of
the country’s Sacerdotes,
a priesthood, of orisons,
of the quill-inked Kells,
Celtic crosses.
The duties of the celibate travellers,
was beacon for an island.


Pedlars at Clonmacnoise,
quietened long time ago,
but the monks’ chants
in the midlands glide,
the roofless chambers,
the Ogham stones
with punctuations.
Lower an ear on the ryegrass
when at Clonmacnoise,
for the phantom chants,
missioned to the halls
of the pollened bogs,
to the orchards,


From Palm Wine Tapper and the Boy at Jericho (Doire Press, 2022).

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