Tullynoe: Tête-à-Tête in the Parish Priest's Parlour

By Paul Durcan
Read by Andrew Bennett & Rory Nolan

“Ah, he was a grand man.”
“He was: he fell out of the train going to Sligo.”
“He did: he thought he was going to the lavatory.”
“He did: in fact he stepped out of the rear door of the train.”
“He did: God, he must have got an awful fright.”
“He did: he saw that it wasn’t the lavatory at all.”
“He did: he saw that it was the railway tracks going away from him.”
“He did: I wonder if…but he was a grand man.”
“He was: he had the most expensive Toyota you can buy.”
“He had: well, it was only beautiful.”
“It was: he used to have an Audi.”
“He had: as a matter of fact he used to have two Audis.”
“He had: and then he had an Avenger.”
“He had: and then he had a Volvo.”
“He had: in the beginning he had a lot of Volkses.”
“He had: he was a great man for the Volkses.”
“He was: did he once have an Escort?”
“He had not: he had a son a doctor.”
“He had: and he had a Morris Minor too.”
“He had: he had a sister a hairdresser in Kilmallock.”
“He had: he had another sister a hairdresser in Ballybunion.”
“He had: he was put in a coffin which was put in his father’s cart.”
“He was: his lady wife sat on top of the coffin driving the donkey.”
“She did: Ah, but he was a grand man.”
“He was: he was a grand man…”
“Good night, Father.”
“Good night, Mary.”


Directed by Matthew Thompson.

Part of the second Coole Park Poetry Series, co-produced with Druid and curated by Colm Tóibín.

"Tullynoe: Tête-à-Tête in the Parish Priest’s Parlour" by Paul Durcan is reproduced with kind permission of the author.